Voluma Glendale Injections

Many people try to understand exactly what it is that makes people look older. While people tend to look at fine lines and wrinkles when they do that, it should be noted that facial shape can matter more than the texture of a person's skin. Younger faces tend to have a fullness to them that people will lose with age.
This is one reason why even people with smooth skin at a relatively advanced age can still appear to be relatively old, and why young people with a few wrinkles still look young. Voluma is one of the many cosmetic products on the market today that can help people restore their youthful contours without having to resort to a face-lift or other surgical procedure.


During a session, people will typically get around 3.5 mL of the Voluma product injected into their cheeks. Voluma is unusual in that it lasts much longer than the majority of fillers on the market. People typically have to get replacement filler after only around six months or so. With Voluma, people are actually going to be able to benefit from the filler for around two years.
They can look five to ten years younger for two years, which can effectively halt some of the additional aging that they would have experienced during that time as well. When patients have had to get replacement filler after those two years were completed, they actually needed lower concentrations of filler.
Essentially, the filler seemed to last even longer than two years in practice, and it seemed to have some effects that were more pronounced. Having a cosmetic procedure that more or less builds on itself is useful, and it is the sort of thing that patients are not going to be able to find in many other instances.
Voluma Glendale

Considerations with Taking Voluma

People who have a history of allergic reactions should be wary of getting injections like these. However, other than that, these are injections that are generally going to be safe for most people to use. They have been primarily studied in people over thirty-five and under sixty-five.
Adults under twenty-one should not take them or use them and other young people should be aware of the fact that these sorts of injections are not as commonly used in people under thirty-five. Otherwise, people generally don't have to worry about these injections.
They might experience some redness, some swelling, some irregular lumps and bumps, or some other minor skin problems. However, these problems should eventually go away. People are not going to have to deal with them for the full two years, and this is one of the many benefits of being able to enjoy a product that lasts for a long time.
The Pure Touch Skin Center can offer people a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including Voluma. Our Medi Spa staff has a great deal of expertise and experience with taking years off people's faces and giving them years back in general.
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