Permanent Eyebrows

Cost: $350

Feather Touch Eyebrows

Cost: $400

Permanent Eyeliner (Top)

Cost: $350

Permanent Eyeliner (Top & Bottom)

Cost: $400

Eyebrow Shaping with Tweezers

Cost: $20

Eyelash Extensions

Cost: $130


Permanent Lipliner (Liner Only)

Cost: $350

Permanent Lipliner (Full Lips)

Cost: $400

Beauty Mark

Cost: $50

Why Permanent Makeup?

We know that your time is valuable. With today’s demanding work schedules and lifestyles, wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with your makeup on, go out all day, and not have to reapply at all? What about lipstick, how annoying is it when it smears or transfers? Permanent Makeup may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Sometimes called micropigmentation, permanent cosmetics employs tattoo techniques in the face, eyes, lips and other regions to apply color and ensure a beautiful and long-lasting outcome. Not to mention, it’s safe, easy, and affordable! Whether you need your eyebrows shaped, want fuller eyelashes, or never want to apply eyeliner or lipliner again, we have the solution for you! Let the aesthetics experts at Pure Touch Skin Center highlight your beauty, and give you the perfect look that you’ve always wanted!
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