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Botox Doctor Answers - Botox Needles

Answers to the Most Common Questions About Botox, From A Botox Doctor

Image Source: The most beloved, long-standing non-surgical treatment for improving wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and the “11”s between your eyes is the classic Botox because it gets such significant results. However, despite its popularity, individuals who have never gotten it before, but are now considering it, often have a lot of concerned questions. […]

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Skin Protection: Avoid These Common Skin Irritants

Even if you have fantastic skin, chances are you’ve experienced inflammation or irritation at some point. We all experience it. Or maybe it’s a pretty common issue for you, and you regularly have to deal with dryness, red splotches, bumps, or burning. So what causes this junk? And what is the best skin protection? There […]

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Woman Getting Hydrafacial Treatment

Hello, Hydrafacial! Meet The Best Facial You’ll Ever Have

According to Allure magazine, a HydraFacial treatment is given every 15 seconds somewhere in the world, which means that this particular facial has now surpassed the yearly number of Botox injections that are performed. Hydrafacial treatments in Los Angeles are becoming more and more popular due to the incredible after-feeling that clients have, as well […]

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benefits of botox - migraine relief

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Botox

In the past, we’ve mentioned the lesser-known parts of the body that the benefits of Botox are great for aesthetically. Besides being a fantastic treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in the face, it can also work to soften the jawline, clear up acne, reduce a “gummy” smile, smooth out the cleavage, provide a temporary […]

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Two Teenage Girls On Couch - - Laser Hair Removal For Teens

Is Laser Hair Removal Good For Teen Confidence?

According to a recent article in the New York Times, laser hair removal for teens is on the rise. This article was alarming to some adults who are growing ever-concerned over youth and body image, as well as the actual safety of the treatments. However, laser hair removal has proven to be incredibly beneficial for self-esteem. At […]

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foods for healthy skin

8 Simple And Delicious Foods For Healthy Skin

Living in Southern California can make it pretty difficult to maintain radiant skin year-round. The beautiful weather we constantly get means we’re hanging out under the sun, causing our skin to become more and more damaged by UV Rays. Add in the moisture-free air and not-so-great consumptive choices (like too much wine), and boom—unhealthy skin […]

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confident woman flexing

Discover Your Absolute Best Self At Pure Touch Skin Center!

There’s something to be said about feeling confident in yourself. It can take you from being sluggish in your day to strutting your stuff for the whole world to see. Whatever that small switch in your brain is that needs to be turned on, it makes a lasting difference that enables you to take on […]

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