8 Reasons Why Sleeping In Makeup Is Bad For Your Skin

At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of sleeping in makeup. Whether it’s a late night out, exhaustion from work, or just forgetfulness, it’s happened to everyone. It’s also very common to hear that it’s bad to fall asleep in your makeup—but why, exactly? What damage does it do, and how severe is it?

There are some very good reasons. As skin care experts, we’ve seen some real problems that are aggravated by makeup not being removed before bedtime. Here are some things that can happen if you fall asleep in your makeup too often.

#1. Wrinkles

Most women have heard about free radicals, the pesky atoms that can cause premature wrinkles. But what many women don’t know is that sleeping in makeup can boost your exposure to free radicals, which puts you at a higher risk for aging skin.

#4. Dull Skin

While wrinkles are certainly associated with aging, lack of radiance—dull skin—is another big sign of age. When you don’t wash your skin before bed and exfoliate, you’re leaving a mask of dead skin cells and used makeup on the surface of your skin, which means light will not reflect off of your face properly. This means you won’t look fresh and radiant. Instead, you’ll appear older and more rough.

#2. Eye Styes

A stye is not cute, and they can be caused by sleeping in mascara and eyeliner. Leftover eye makeup can clog your eye’s hair follicles and glands, leaving you with a painful and unattractive stye.

#5. Blackheads

The biggest trigger for blackheads is sleeping in heavy foundation. When your skin is clogged with a thick cover-up, it can’t “breathe” and renew itself. The result? Tiny black dots, or pimples.

#6. Eye Infections

Even the most basic types of eye makeup can cause redness, dryness, and irritation, which can lead to infections. The powder or mascara flakes can find their way underneath your eyelids and really do some painful damage. As for glittery eye shadow and fake lashes? You’re talking serious pain if those make their way into your eyes.

#3. Acne Flare-Ups

When you don’t clean your makeup off before bed, it just lies on your face all night, clogging up your pores. This, of course, is what often leads to acne breakouts. Clean those pores before bed!

#7. Brittle Lashes

When you sleep in your mascara, it can cause your eyelashes to turn fragile. This can result in them shedding and breaking much more easily and frequently than they should.

#8. Dryness

We all love our moisturizer, but did you know that when you sleep in your makeup and then apply moisturizer, the cream can’t get through to your skin properly? Your dried-up makeup is basically a barrier that won’t let the moisturizer in. Even if you kind of feel it, it’s not really doing its job, and your skin will be much drier than it should be. Dry skin also leads to wrinkles.


Are you guilty of sleeping in makeup? Hopefully this article will help you understand why you definitely shouldn’t. At Pure Touch Skin Center, we are skin care and beauty experts. If you want to learn more about skin care or perhaps correct a skin issue you’re having, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have!