All About SkinPen: Your Biggest Questions Answered

If you’re familiar with micro-needling, you may have been hearing a lot about SkinPen recently—the only FDA-approved micro-needling pen that has been designed especially for aesthetic use.

SkinPen has arrived on the scene to surpass the older derma-roller device that was first used to perform micro-needling way back when. With its new technology and design, SkinPen is changing the game and transforming the procedure.

Dubbed “SkinPen” because it literally looks like a pen, the revolutionary device is wireless, and designed to fit easily and conveniently in the hand of the aesthetician. SkinPen’s small size also makes it easier to target smaller, more hard-to-reach areas more precisely.

Because SkinPen is extremely popular but still relatively new, many people have lots of questions about it when they walk through our doors at Pure Touch Skin Center.

Here are the most common questions we are asked about Skinpen.

What Does SkinPen Do?

SkinPen is a minimally-invasive treatment for unwanted skin conditions including scars and stretch marks, wrinkles and lines, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. It also has the ability to bring youthfulness back to aging skin.

The procedure densifies and improves the skin, leaving it smoother and stronger, as it repairs the skin’s fibers.

How Does SkinPen Work?

SkinPen is applied directly to the problematic area of the skin. Its tip contains teeny steel needles that penetrate the dermis, which triggers the skin’s natural healing response. This results in new, healthy, more radiant skin.

How far the needles pierce will depend on each patient’s unique skin issues.

Do SkinPen Treatments Hurt?

The thought of multiple needles going into your skin might be scary to you. However, patients typically report absolutely zero pain with this procedure, and they often compare the feeling of a SkinPen session to an electric toothbrush on their skin.

But if you feel any discomfort, one of the many benefits of the SkinPen is that the settings can be adjusted to go easier on you. We can also give you a topical numbing cream to help if you prefer.

How Long Does A SkinPen Session Take?

SkinPen sessions tend to be brief, in-office procedures—usually about half an hour. Because this treatment is fairly gentle, it might take more than one session to get the results you want.

Most likely, you will see a difference in your skin in just one session. However, to get real results, you should have about three sessions.

After your first SkinPen treatment, wait a month and then come back. This will allow the skin to repair and remodel. Consistency is important with this treatment!

How Do I Know If SkinPen Is Good For Me?

As mentioned above, SkinPen is currently the only FDA-approved micro-needling pen that was created especially for aesthetic use. Unlike many other skin renewal options, SkinPen is very safe and also very effective for every type of skin.

When performed properly by a trained and certified professional, there is very little risk of any side effects, scarring, burning, or discoloration.

At Pure Touch Skin Center, we are very excited to offer SkinPen treatments to help achieve beautiful, glowing skin for our patients! If you’d like to know more about the SkinPen procedure or want a free consultation, please contact us!