Common Facts To Know About Skin Tightening

It seems like everyone nowadays is searching for the fountain of youth when it comes to their looks. However, there’s no magic potion that can perform miracles, and plastic surgery can have unpredictable and permanent results.

For tamer results with less risk, many people are leaning towards alternative youth restoring options such as laser skin tightening, which is a practical and safe way to achieve a firm, fresh appearance. If you’ve recently lost weight or are noticing that your skin is beginning to sag, body skin tightening is worth considering.

How Does It Work?

Laser skin treatment removes fine lines and wrinkles by heating the natural sources of collagen with infrared lasers. As a result, the cells contract and pinch the skin tighter to create a fuller presentation and look. This non-surgical procedure will boost collagen production in the treated spots and inspire collagen absorption in surrounding areas.

FDA-approved, laser skin treatments are safe to use on the entire body and will promote the production of collagen months after the process has taken place.

Who Is A Candidate For Skin Tightening?

Since the procedures are extremely safe, most men and women make great body skin tightening candidates. Ideal patients are people who range between the ages of 30 and 60 and are in good health.

Skin tightening treatments have proven to safely address dermal issues regardless of skin tone or skin type. However, patients with excessively loose skin may be recommended to employ additional services for optimum results.

Patients who are pregnant or taking certain medications may not be appropriate candidates for skin tightening. You can book a free consultation with us and our registered nurses can better advise you on your candidacy.

Laser Skin Tightening: Before And After The Session


Before your first treatment, a medical professional may consider whether the patient is susceptible to herpes outbreaks or sensitive skin cancers. Most doctors will also advise pregnant women and people prone to keloids to avoid the procedure, as it may irritate sensitive skin.

When you arrive to your first session it is imperative to wash away any oil, makeup, or lotion that may affect the laser. Your laser specialist will then apply an anesthetic cream to the area and place protective goggles over your eyes.

Your specialist will then use a small, hand-held device to administer laser pulses into the skin, accompanied by cool air to soothe the angry skin.


There is no downtime after the treatment, and you may resume normal activities directly afterward. Normal side effects of the laser includes minor swelling, redness, and some patients also experience irritated skin.

Can I Continue To Use Skin Care Products After?

You can continue to use your skin care products after the skin tightening procedures. Moisturizers, cleansers, and any other skin care products can continue to be used to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy.

How Long Does The Treatment Take?

Based on the size and area of the treated spot, body skin tightening sessions can span from a half hour to an hour. Larger areas take longer, as is the case with stomach tightening.

Typically, most people require two to three sessions for optimum results. Results of skin tightening sessions can vary based on your individual healing rate and skin retention however, most patients report two years of sustainable results.

Does Skin Tightening Hurt?

Most patients will not feel any pain from skin tightening treatments. Special precautions are taken, such as the administration of anesthetic cream and cool air from the hand-held device in order to soothe the skin during the process. Any pain should dissipate within minutes after the treatment, and any skin warmth and irritation should fade out within a few days.

Loose skin is not something the can be easily handled without surgery. However, through body skin tightening and other laser treatments, you can have the flat stomach you want, plus firmness to the extra skin. As results vary depending on body type, it is vital to take advantage of a free consultation offered by licensed professional, like our nurses at Pure Touch Skin Center.