Elōs Laser: Skin Treatments With Industry-Leading Technology

Advancements in laser and skin technology have come a long way, making it safer and much more comfortable for patients. Many patients reveal to us that they used to be worried about getting treatments done, but the technology we use is extremely safe for almost all skin types and procedures. At Pure Touch Skin Center, we use the industry-leading elōs laser to perform a variety of skin treatments including skin tightening and the removal of sunspots, age spots, acne scars, and wrinkles.

elos laser - skin tightening

Why Do We Use It?

The reason we decided to use the elōs laser is because we wanted to provide our patients with the widest range of skin treatment options, as well as the ability to treat the widest range of skin types. Being in Los Angeles, we have a wide variety of ethnicities, which leads to a varying range of skin tones and types. Everyone’s skin is different and has different sensitivity, so the elōs laser is the perfect choice for us to cover the widest range of patients.

We are able to better cater to and individualize treatments for all of our patients as a result of this industry-leading, groundbreaking technology. Our patients have found their treatments to be an extremely comfortable and pleasant experience compared to what they may have expected or experienced at different locations.

Ensuring our patients’ safety and satisfaction is the most important part of what we do at Pure Touch. Our in-depth research on a wide variety of different machines guided us into choosing the elōs laser.

How It Works

The elōs laser is the first and only technology to use both bi-polar radio frequency and laser light together. The laser light and bi-polar radio frequency work in synergy to safely and precisely target the pigmented lesions such as freckles, sun spots, and age spots.

Here’s one of our specialists, Ani, describing the elōs laser machine we use:

Is The Elōs Laser Right For You?

As we mentioned earlier, we chose the elōs laser due to its wide-ranging applications, as well as the capability to work with a variety of skin tones and types. With every issue there is, of course, the extreme cases in which certain treatments may not apply.

As with any of the treatments we provide—whether it’s dermal fillers, skin tightening, acne scar removal, or anything else—our beauticians will sit down with you and go over your history to suggest the best treatment options for the procedure you want. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with one of our professionals to find the best treatment for your skin type.