Everyday Habits That Are Giving You Cellulite

Most women have at least a little cellulite, and all women hate it. Cellulite is that dimpled-looking fat that’s so hard to get rid of. It most commonly appears on the thighs, backs of the legs, bottom, belly, and hips.

Some women have cellulite even though they eat and exercise well. Sometimes it’s simply genetic. However, for most women, cellulite is caused by a handful of habits that they do each and every day. So what are these habits? Are you doing them, too? Take a look.

Sitting At Your Desk

Standing or sitting in the same position all day long—especially at a desk—can affect the natural rhythm and flow of your circulatory system, which can result in cellulite. To combat this, try standing at your desk for a while during the day, or take quick walks around the office or building once every couple of hours.

Not Getting Enough Water

Speaking of water, not drinking enough of it is one of the biggest contributors to cellulite. Why? Because your body has trouble metabolizing toxic build-up in the fat cells unless water comes to the rescue. When there’s no water to flush it out, this toxic build-up results in…yep, cellulite. Water also aids in providing us with healthier, thicker, more elastic skin—which hides cellulite much better than weak skin.

Not Eating Right

Processed foods, inflammatory foods, and foods with refined sugars are cellulite’s best friend. Inflammatory foods (margarine, fatty meats, cheese, white bread) cause your cells to grow and retain toxins, and this causes that dimply-looking cellulite. Try to choose anti-inflammatory foods such as fresh berries, wild-caught salmon, avocados, and olive oil, green tea, and of course, water.

Yo-Yo Dieting

When you’re constantly gaining and losing weight, your skin loses its elasticity, which makes cellulite more apparent. The collagen in your skin doesn’t like all that expanding and shrinking, and yo-yo dieting weakens it. This has the same effect that not drinking enough water has: weak skin can’t hide dimpled cellulite.

Not Exercising

It seems like the older we get, it can be harder and harder to make time to exercise. However, not exercising is one of the number one triggers for cellulite. Even half an hour of leg deadlifts or hamstring curls on a stability ball will help build muscle and prevent cellulite.

Skipping The Body Brush

Have you purchased a body brush, but barely ever use it? You’re not alone. Many people get to the buying phase, but then don’t want to take the time to actually brush their dead skin away. Plenty of people have never even bought a body brush at all. However, it’s very important to invest into one of these if your cellulite bothers you. Brushing your skin regularly can have a significant effect on improving your cellulite. It’s best to brush with long, vigorous strokes on your problem areas right before a shower or bath.

Having Alcohol

When blood vessels constrict, the appearance of cellulite gets stronger. And what causes blood vessels to constrict? Alcohol. Yes, unfortunately, too many glasses of wine or cocktails add to your cellulite problems. Alcohol also makes you retain fluids and increases fat deposits, which also add to the appearance of cellulite.

Wearing Tight Clothing

Whether you wear compression socks for work or you just love your tight leggings, watch out. When too-tight clothing cuts off your circulation, it limits your blood flow and can create cellulite.

As you can see, getting rid of cellulite, or preventing it, is all about making small changes in your daily routine. These are great steps to take, but keep in mind that at Pure Touch Laser Center, we specialize in cellulite treatments that include laser skin tightening, which will make big improvements to any cellulite that’s currently bothering you. If you’d like to learn more about our treatments, feel free to contact us or schedule a consultation! We’re excited to help you in any way that we can.