4 Advantages Of Getting Rid Of Chin Fat Using Kybella Over Surgery

One of the most common trouble spots that our clients complain about is the stubborn fat hanging and drooping around the neck: the dreaded “double chin”. It’s a phrase that men and women hate to hear or see, but it’s a very common problem. It can come from being overweight, or it may come from genetics. Either way, we often have clients saying that no matter how much weight they’ve lost from working out, they’re still not able to get rid of their double chin.

Some clients may turn to surgical and invasive procedures to take care of it. However, there is an FDA-approved, non-surgical alternative that we’ve been utilizing to help our clients over the last few years.

Let’s talk about the benefits of Kybella injections over surgical procedures.

1. Kybella Is A Non-Invasive Option


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Surgical procedures have long been a popular method to help patients get rid of extra fat and to get the look they want. From liposuction to neck lifts and everything in between, we’ve seen it all. But not everyone is willing to go under the knife.

Kybella injections offer a non-invasive option for those who want to get rid of the extra fat under their chin. It’s specifically designed and FDA-approved to improve submittal fat.

You don’t need to go under the knife or be put under an anesthetic to receive the same great benefits that surgery gives you. Kybella can melt away the fat, giving you the thinner profile you’re looking for.

2. No Recovery Time With Kybella

Unlike invasive surgeries, Kybella has no necessary recovery time.

With surgeries, there are often long recovery periods which will put you off your daily routine and limit what you can do. This may work for someone who is able to afford multiple days off work or can easily miss their child’s soccer practice, but not everyone has that opportunity or freedom.

With Kybella, you simply come in for the treatment, then you’re out the door in no time and able to head back to work. There’s no need to miss out on the things you love doing after getting Kybella treatments.

3. A Quick Procedure

kybella injections before and after

The exact number of sessions that are needed vary from client to client, but generally it’s after the second session when clients begin to really notice the power of Kybella.

Even with 2-3 sessions, clients are typically in and out within 20 minutes. Procedures are performed very quickly, and we’re able to get our clients back out the door and back to their regular routine immediately.

4. A Simple Procedure

With surgeries, clients typically need to jump through hoops before they finally get on the operating table. Once you’re there, however, they still need to put you under anesthesia, which some people may not respond well to.

With Kybella, the procedure is extremely simple for our clients. Once you’ve come in for a free consultation, we can go over any questions or concerns you may have, and then we’ll schedule your appointment. On the day of the treatment, you will simply come in, get your treatment, and will be back to your life within 20 minutes.

If you’re interested, please contact us today.