Is Laser Hair Removal Good For Teen Confidence?

According to a recent article in the New York Timeslaser hair removal for teens is on the rise. This article was alarming to some adults who are growing ever-concerned over youth and body image, as well as the actual safety of the treatments. However, laser hair removal has proven to be incredibly beneficial for self-esteem.

At Pure Touch, this is a hot topic amongst not only our staff, but our clients. How young is too young to begin getting treatments? Ever since Botox was announced to prevent the formation of wrinkles, we have seen women younger and younger coming in. In fact, a very large amount of our clients are in their 20s. This is another area of concern for many older people, however, we have seen nothing but positive results from these treatments, as well as laser hair removal.

While some young women are so body-hair-positive that they dye their underarm hair bright colors and have welcomed movements such as “JanuHairy”, for others it’s a true pain point.

It’s About Esteem-Boosting Confidence

If you have a particularly hairy body and you simply don’t like it, there’s nothing wrong with doing something to fix it. It’s similar to investing into something like Proactiv for acne, trying out contacts, or getting braces to fix crooked teeth. It’s all about feeling better about yourself.

Worried adults will often be concerned about teenagers being body shamed and giving into the pressures of society—and while these are valid issues, not every teenager who becomes interested in laser hair removal is a victim of societal pressure. In our experience, more often than not, it’s about empowering yourself to feel more confident. It’s about removing something that is standing in the way of you feeling good about yourself.

Is Laser Hair Removal For Teens Really Okay?

The answer is yes, if the treatment is performed by a professional laser hair removal specialist. Those under the age of 18 will be required to have a guardian’s permission and presence, and any risks will obviously be discussed. However, it is critical to work only with a certified professional med spa. And this isn’t just a rule for teens; it goes for everyone.

The laser will not pass beyond the second layer of skin, where the hair follicles are found. There’s also no risk of cancer, as laser treatments use non-ionizing energy. Tanning beds are actually much more dangerous.

When it comes to laser hair removal for teens, it’s important for the client to stick to the guidelines of a good after-laser-hair-removal-care regimen. This will require some responsibility.

The accepted minimum age to begin laser hair removal can be as young as 14 years old, although many medical professionals suggest waiting until the teenager has completed puberty. (This is typically around 14.)

Speak To A Doctor First

It’s always a good idea to speak to a doctor before trying out a new treatment of any kind. Most med spas have a doctor in the office, but you may feel more comfortable seeing your own regular doctor first to discuss how your medical history will interact with laser hair removal.

The teenage years are very important for building self-esteem and confidence. If your unwanted body hair is truly causing you unhappiness, talk with your guardians about whether laser treatment is a good idea for you. At Pure Touch, we offer free consultations for your questions as well.