Facts About Laser Hair Removal Men Should Know

These days, laser hair removal is so convenient and affordable that more and more people are deciding to try it. This includes plenty of males, who before may have been hesitant to give it a go. Laser hair removal for men can include removal almost anywhere, but most guys choose to get body hair removed from their back, neck, stomach, nether-regions, and their chest.

If you’re a man considering getting this treatment, read below to learn a few things you may not know about laser hair removal for men.

Laser Hair Removal Helps With Body Odor

…Not only body odor, but itching, too. When you have body hair, it absorbs odors—which can make you smell. However, when you remove body hair, the odor goes along with it. Excess hair can also cause itching and irritation, but when you have it removed with laser hair removal, or even just thinned out, it can help greatly with annoying itching.

Laser Hair Removal Is Less Painful Than Waxing

If you’re a guy who’s been waxing, laser hair removal is your new best friend. Waxing doesn’t feel great, let’s face it. And while some people report that laser hair removal feels like a rubber band lightly snapping their skin, it is not painful. Treatments are also fairly quick, and there are options for numbing creams if you’d like.

Tanning Before Laser Hair Removal Is A No-No

Why is this? Because skin that has been exposed to the sun recently—or even a tanning bed—produces more melanin pigment, which attracts energy from the hair-removing laser. This can cause an adverse reaction on the skin. Skin should not be tanned for at least four weeks before laser hair removal treatment, and then shouldn’t ben tanned for two weeks after a treatment.

Time To Shave!

You will need to shave the night before your laser hair removal treatment so that the laser will be able to reach the hair follicle easily. If you forget to shave, your specialist will either ask you to postpone your appointment, or they may charge you to shave there. Either way, it’s best to simply do it yourself at home.

Men Can Get Laser Hair Removal Anywhere (Almost)

Toes? Check. Back? Check. Neck? Check. Men can get laser hair removal just about anywhere. The most popular areas tend to be the chest and back, and the off-limits areas are the eyes. When it comes to laser hair removal for men, where it is, is up to you.

Laser Hair Removal Flatters A Fit Physique

After all those hours in the gym, you may find yourself ripped—or at least, looking great. Often the best next step is to get laser hair removal so that you can show your body off properly. This is an area where laser hair removal for men truly shines! A hairless chest is a great way to display a toned body.

If you’re considering laser hair removal for men, please contact Pure Touch Skin Center to learn more about how we can treat you, how many sessions you may need, and the likelihood of getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently. We are happy to give our clients a new confidence!