10 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets That Still Work

Image: Keystone Archives

There’s a reason that old movie stars are still adored to this day. Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly are still hung up as artwork in homes all over the world.

These ladies were blessed with natural good looks, but they also had the benefit of working with makeup artists and beauty professionals who studied what worked and what didn’t. They gained the benefit of learning hundreds of old Hollywood beauty secrets, and that is one of the reasons why they looked so glam for so many years.

For example, Grace Kelly was contouring her beautiful cheekbones decades before Kim Kardashian ever did. Some of the greatest movie stars we will ever know had lots of incredible methods to maintain their iconic looks.

Here are some of our favorites.

Ice Right After Waking Up

It sounds downright awful, but it works: as soon as you wake up in the morning, put your face into ice and hold it for a minute or so. This seemed to work well for Joan Crawford, whose skin was always firm-looking, fresh, and smooth. She soaked her ice cubes in witch hazel first, and the famous actress was also well known for splashing her face with cold water no less than 25 times after cleansing it.

Image: clickamericana.com

Silk + Satin Pillowcases

Do you remember your grandmother having silk or satin pillowcases? Many older women do, because back in the day, they were known for chasing away wrinkles and keeping hair from breaking. They also keep your skin and hair more hydrated, because silk and satin don’t absorb moisture the way cotton does.

Castor Oil Hair Massage

At least it’s better than drinking it, right? Jean Harlow famously used a weekly scalp massage with castor oil in order to keep her famous blonde hair beautifully hydrated and soft.

Lemon + Sugar Scrub

To keep her skin clear, rosy, and radiant, Katharine Hepburn would use an exfoliant made of lemon and sugar. The natural acids in lemon help brighten the skin, and the sugar scrubs away unwanted skin cells. Keep this one away from your eyes!

Mint Leaves Under Eyes

If you have dark circles, take a tip from Sophia Loren, who would crush up mint leaves, leave use the paste underneath her eyes.

Wax-Lined Gloves

Everyone knows that our hands tell our real age. One of the most well-known Hollywood beauty secrets for movie stars to keep their hands looking as youthful as possible included wearing gloves to bed that were lined with wax, rose water, and sweet almond oil. Rose water is one of the best preventatives for wrinkles, and helps with tightening pores.

Half-Moon Manicures

If you’re looking for ways to keep your manicure longer and space out appointments, take a cue from Marlene Dietrich and Anna May Wong. They rocked half-moon manicures so that it would be less noticeable when their nails began to grow out. These manicures are also very cute!

Image: fotobodega.eu

Olive Oil + Lemon Juice Hair Care

Screen siren Rita Hayworth kept her dyed red hair radiant by washing her hair, smoothing olive oil through it, allowing the oil to soak in for fifteen minutes, then rinsing it out under running water with lemon juice.

Olive Oil Baths

One of the most famous old Hollywood beauty secrets belongs to Sophia Loren — her olive oil baths. As she ran hot water, she would also drizzle the olive oil in. Soaking in olive oil-infused water replenishes and softens the skin.

Petroleum Jelly Eyelids

Greta Garbo applied petroleum jelly to her eyelids before putting on eyeshadow to give her eyes a glossy, sultry look.

Image: picclick.co.uk

At Pure Touch Skin Center, we believe that if these old Hollywood beauty secrets were good enough for the likes of Greta Garbo, Rita Hayworth, and Sophia Loren, they’re good enough for us too. Choose a few of these to try yourself, and see what you think! And if you’re ever in need of a beauty treatment that’s a little more millennial, you always have us at Pure Touch!