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botox aftercare

Your Complete Guide To Botox After-Care

If you’re tired of your wrinkles, crow’s feet, or heavy eyelids, you may have looked into the idea of getting botox to help improve those areas. Botox is one of the most popular injectables that we have at Pure Touch Laser Center, and our clients absolutely love the results. The treatment works by blocking signals from […]

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benefits of laser hair removal

Top 10 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

It’s date night, and you really want to put on that cute little black dress. But there’s a problem. You haven’t shaved your legs in a few days, and you’re cutting it close on time. You could make your date wait a little longer, but do you really want to deal with this issue every time you […]

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heavy eyelids

4 Reasons Why You Get Heavy Eyelids

Many people suffer from ptosis, also known as heavy eyelids, but don’t exactly know why. Maybe you feel like you’re getting enough sleep at night, yet you still look in the mirror and find your eyelids drooping, making you look exhausted. However, lack of sleep isn’t the only reason for having heavy eyelids. Some of it […]

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collagen production

How Can You Naturally Increase Your Collagen Production?

We all know the word collagen, but what exactly is it, and why do we need it? Maybe you’ve heard us talk about it at Pure Touch Skin Center and how it can limit wrinkling. Here we’ll discuss what it is, and how to increase collagen production in your body. What Is Collagen? Collagen is a […]

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spider veins

What Exactly Causes Spider Veins?

One of the more popular questions we get asked at Pure Touch Skin Center is, “What causes spider veins?” We hear this from time to time when clients come in for various treatments like botox or skin tightening. It’s a common problem that many face, and they don’t exactly know what causes it. But we […]

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exfoliating body scrubs

5 Homemade Exfoliating Body Scrubs To Keep Your Skin Glowing

Having a great skin care routine can do wonders. There are many great skin care products out there, but there are also things you can do at home that will help to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Exfoliating body scrubs are one of the most important additions one can make to their skin […]

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healthy hair

10 Foods To Eat For Healthy Hair

As we all know, keeping a radiant, full, healthy head of hair is a lot of work. With all the coloring and product we put in our hair, over time it becomes damaged and weak. It isn’t just enough to wash your hair and use products—there are also natural ways to increase the likelihood of […]

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Pure Touch Top 250 Allergan Award

Pure Touch Ranked In Top 2 Percent In The Nation For Injectables

At Pure Touch Skin Center, we pride ourselves on keeping our patients safe and satisfied. This is why they return to our business and recommend us to their friends and family! As a result of our commitment to excellence, Pure Touch has been awarded the Allergan Top 250 Injectors across the country. Being in this […]

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