7 Incredible Benefits Of B12 Injections

Life is hectic, right? With jobs, family lives, and keeping up with friends and acquaintances, it’s extremely easy to get spread too thin. Because of this, it’s critical to remember to take care of ourselves, because if we don’t, we won’t be able to do the important things that we need to do in our lives. One solution to this that we’ve brought to Pure Touch is the introduction of Vitamin B12 injections and shots. We won’t call it a “super vitamin”, but sometimes it definitely feels that way because of all the incredible benefits that come with B12 injections.

Benefits Of B12 Injections

What Do B12 Injections Do, Exactly?

Your body needs B12 in order to help form red blood cells, help DNA/RNA synthesis, facilitate the metabolic conversion of proteins and fats, and much more.

B12 isn’t something that your body produces naturally so you’re required to get it from outside sources such as meat, poultry, fish, enriched grains, or through injections and other options.

1. Helps Reduce Stress

You may have excess stress in your life, whether it’s due to work, family life, or anything else. This can manifest itself as mild forms of depression. One of the benefits of B12 injections is helping to reduce the stress in your life when things are getting extremely hectic and seemingly uncontrollable.

2. Decreases Fatigue

One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients from time to time is how tired they are. There are many reasons why that may be, but one of them might be that they aren’t getting enough Vitamin B12.

Even if you’re not B12 deficient, getting an injection will help give you the boost that you need to help you get through your day-to-day schedule. This is arguably the most popular and talked-about benefit of B12 injections.

3. Detoxes Your Body

We all enjoy things in excess from time to time. One of the benefits of B12 injections is to help rid your body of the toxins that slow you down and tire you out.

4. Supports Healthy Hair, Nails, And Skin

benefits of b12 injections

One of the great benefits of B12 injections is how much it helps with cell production.

Since cell production is necessary to have healthy hair, nails, and skin, improving your Vitamin B12 intake can directly impact and improve those three issue areas.

Deficiency in B12 can sometimes be seen in nail discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and changes in your hair.

5. Improves Memory

There have been studies linked to poor cognitive performance due to B12 deficiency. Increasing your B12 intake has been known to improve your memory and help halt memory loss.

6. Improves Metabolism

Though B12 is certainly not a weight loss product, it can help to boost metabolism to those that are deficient in the vitamin.

An improved metabolism, combined with proper diet and exercise, can help you towards your weight loss and fitness goals that you have.

7. Supports Healthy Bones

benefits of b12 injections

If you are Vitamin B12 deficient, you may be susceptible to having poor bone density. There are studies linking B12 deficiency to lower than normal bone density. Poor bone density can lead to osteoporosis—particularly in women.

One of the benefits of B12 injections is to help your body continue to grow healthy and properly dense bones.

B12 Injections Vs. Oral Intake

The reason why B12 injections or shots are so much more popular compared to any oral-intake methods is that the injection bypasses your stomach and goes directly into your bloodstream, allowing you to completely absorb it.

Having gastrointestinal issues can also cause you to have an inability to orally take vitamin B12.

If you’re interested in B12 injections to help improve these areas, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Pure Touch!