Top 10 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

It’s date night, and you really want to put on that cute little black dress. But there’s a problem. You haven’t shaved your legs in a few days, and you’re cutting it close on time. You could make your date wait a little longer, but do you really want to deal with this issue every time you go out? Don’t you wish you could just throw on your dress and head out the door? Well, you can! If you’ve been dreaming about never having to shave again, you should definitely consider laser hair removal. Below is a list of the most popular benefits that this treatment provides.

1. It’s Cost-Effective

cost effective - benefits of laser hair removal

Do you realize the amount of money you spend in your lifetime on shaving cream and blades? And if you go for the cheaper brands, you’re going to slice up your legs, arms, and everything else in between.

Laser hair removal is going to be an up-front cost for you, but in the long run it’s going to save you a lot of money because you won’t need fancy razors, blade replacements, and shaving gels and creams…and band-aids!

2. You Won’t Get Ingrown Hairs

Because of how laser hair removal works, you won’t get stuck with ingrown hairs like you often can with shaving. Ingrown hairs are both painful and unattractive, but laser hair removal treatments eliminate them completely.

3. No More Razor Burn Or Irritation

No matter how skilled you are at shaving, you’re going to get some razor burn from time to time, especially if you’re using cheaper razors. We’ve all been there, and it’s extremely annoying to deal with. The same goes for the irritation afterward. One of the great benefits of laser hair removal is never having to worry about painful (and noticeable) razor burn.

4. Perfect Precision

precision - benefits of laser hair removal

The beauty of laser hair removal is how precise the process is. The laser will pinpoint the necessary area to remove hair all the way down to the hair follicle.

The precision also allows you to get the exact area that you want to target, and nothing more.

5. It’s Permanent

Perhaps the most popular benefit of laser hair removal is the fact that it’s permanent. It does take multiple sessions to see permanent results, but usually after three to seven sessions, our clients get permanent results.

6. It’s Almost Painless

Our skilled technicians are able to treat our clients with laser hair removal as gently as possible, and we offer numbing cream as well. The overwhelming majority tells us that their experience is pain-free, or at the very least, very bearable.

7. Treatments Can Be Quick

Depending on the size of the area that you’re getting treated, laser hair removal can be very quickespecially compared to the amount of time you spend shaving! You can typically grab a laser hair removal session on your lunch break.

8. You’ll Save So Much Time

save time - benefits of laser hair removal

One of the great benefits of laser hair removal is how much time it will save you.

You probably don’t really think about it, but if you shave you’re spending hours of your life doing so, making sure to go slowly enough to not cut yourself. It simply isn’t efficient. That is time that can be better spent elsewhere. You won’t believe how much time you’ll save by not having to shave.

As a side note, it’s great for water conservation if you’re not shaving for an extra 15-20 minutes during each daily shower.

9. Convenience

Once your laser hair removal treatments are complete, you’ll start to realize the extreme convenience of it.

Every time you want to step out in a dress, shorts, or swimsuit, you won’t have to think twice. No more stress of trying to squeeze a quick shave in before heading out!

10. Confidence

confidence - benefits of laser hair removal

You know that fresh, smooth feeling that you have right after you shave? You know everything is neat and tidy, and you feel great.

When you receive laser hair removal, you’re going to have that confidence all the time because you’re always going to have world-ready skin in the areas that you want.


If you’re still deciding whether or not you want to permanently get rid of annoying and unwanted hair, hopefully now you understand the benefits of laser hair removal. These benefits far outweigh any cons, and the advanced technology that we use at Pure Touch ensures that our clients always have a safe, enjoyable experience. If you’re not sure if your skin is right for laser hair removal, please schedule a free consultation with us! You’ll be glad you did.