Pretty Pout: Which Lip Enhancer Treatment Is Best For You?

The lip enhancer treatment has come quite a long way from the old “trout pouts” of years past. These days, lip enhancer treatments come in a wide variety of molecular weights, ingredients, and thicknesses so that results can be tweaked to fit each individual person’s mouth and preference perfectly. Instead of a lot of people walking around with duck lips, the art and science of lip enhancers has come to a place where people walking around looking improved, not overdone.

At Pure Touch Skin Center, our lip enhancer treatments get amazing results that our clients love. But every lip treatment is a little different, and every pair of lips is a little different. With so many options—Restylane, Juvéderm, Botox, and Dysport—which one will make your pout the prettiest?

Let’s take a peek.

For Natural And Subtle Results: Restylane Silk

When it comes to Restylane products, Restylane Silk is the clear choice for a lip enhancer. With the ability to contour the lips while simultaneously keeping them natural-looking, the difference with Restylane Silk is subtle, yet impactful. Results from Restylane Silk usually last 6-8 months.

For Plumping: Juvéderm Ultra

Juvéderm Ultra is the go-to Juvéderm product for lip augmentation. It has the ability to plump the lips without making them appear too puffy or overly big. It’s also one of the safest lip treatments available. Juvéderm has also picked up a lot of popularity because it’s Kylie Jenner’s filler of choice, and we all want those lips, right? Juvéderm Ultra is soft enough that it’s similar to the way lips actually feel, yet it’s stiff enough that it doesn’t dissipate too fast. Results from Juvéderm Ultra typically last 4-6 months.

For Soft, Long-Lasting Results: Juvéderm Volbella

As the Juvéderm product made with the most spreadable and thinnest gel, Volbella helps sculpt the lips in a soft, natural way. Volbella has the ability to increase volume yet maintain low-key results, and results can last for about 12 months, which is longer than most fillers.

For A “Disappearing Upper Lip”: Botox/Dysport

Does your upper lip that pull back  when you laugh or smile, causing it to almost disappear completely? If this happens to you and you don’t like it, Pure Touch offers the Lip Flip treatment, a simple treatment that makes the top lip fuller with 2-3 injections between the nose and mouth. With the Lip Flip, the top lip relaxes, making it  and move slightly upward, causing more of the upper lip to be visible and giving it an appearance that’s more full. The difference is subtle, but makes a significant impact. Results for the Lip Flip last 2-4 months.

When you select Pure Touch Skin Center for your lip treatments, we carefully listen to your specific goals so that we can get you the lips you want, with the right contouring, volume, and shape. W
e will work with you to determine which one of our lip enhancer treatments is right for you. Contact us to schedule a free consultation or an appointment with us!