Why Men Love Kybella Treatments

As one of our most popular treatments at Pure Touch Skin Center, Kybella has helped many individuals get rid of their “no neck” look. Designed to improve the dreaded double chin, Kybella gives our clients a more defined profile that can take both the appearance of weight and age off. While this treatment is primarily done for females, we also see quite a few men for Kybella.

Kybella For Men - Male Wearing Baseball Hat

Why Do Men Love Kybella?

Interest in this treatment has grown sharply among men in recent years. We believe this is because men generally prefer non-surgical cosmetic treatments to cosmetic surgery because of the recovery time required, higher expense, and the overall inconvenience and risk.

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, Kybella offers natural yet significant results that require nearly zero downtime, allows clients to get an effective treatment that is done so quickly that it can be done during lunch breaks — while also not making the client look bruised or red.

What Are The Most Common Reasons Men Get Kybella?

Another reason that many men want Kybella treatments is because they hate the “turkey neck” that often becomes more visible due to the standard business wardrobe of buttoned-up collars and ties.

One of our male patients complained, “I’m constantly loosening my tie and running my fingers underneath my collar, even though my shirt is the right size.”

Kybella For Men - Man Loosening Tie

Another male patient said, “I run and work out each day, and I’m on a strict diet. I’ve lost weight, but nothing is working for my double chin.”

This is very common. Even very fit male clients may be genetically inclined to have stubborn, under-the-chin fullness.

 How Many Treatments Does It Take?

The average number of treatments is 2-4, with up to 50 injections in a single session. These sessions should be at least one month apart. Some fuller necks may require six sessions.

The average session lasts 30 minutes for the first appointment, and 15-20 minutes for each one that follows.

Kybella For Men - Before And After

What Kind Of Men Get Kybella?

Well, all types! Any male who feels uncomfortable with his double chin should come in for a free Kybella consultation. Whether you’re a little older and you’ve let yourself go a bit, or you’re an active man who just can’t seem to get rid of the bothersome neck fat, we can help you get that profile you want.

“I don’t want to look plastic,” one of our recent clients said. “I just want to look more masculine. The jawline is basically the most masculine area of the male face.”

Kybella is perfect for this concern, as it provides extremely natural-looking results. By using a synthetic deoxycholic acid (which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body), Kybella has the ability to destroy fat cells, which creates that defined jawline. Furthermore, once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer store or accumulate fat. Ever!

Kybella For Men - Male Profile From Behind

If you’re a male who is tired of your “no neck” look and under-the-chin fat, we at Pure Touch Skin Center can help you. We offer Kybella treatments to remove that unwanted excess flesh so that a more chiseled, defined chin is revealed. If you’re interested in Kybella treatments, cost, recovery, and how many sessions you’ll need, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.