Dysport® Injections

If you’re looking for a wrinkle filler, our Dysport® injections may help you achieve that youthful look that you’re going for.

Dysport® filler injections are FDA-approved to help fill wrinkles while giving our clients a natural look for their frown lines. Dysport® will minimize your lines while still allowing you to express your feelings naturally.

At Pure Touch Skin Center, our aesthetic specialists are all licensed and have been trained on how to properly administer the treatments.

Keep reading to see why Dysport® can help get rid of those pesky wrinkles and bring back your youthful look.

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How Does Dysport® Work?

The wrinkles in your face are formed by muscle contractions and repeated movements which is why you can see wrinkles in both older and younger patients. Dysport® temporarily relaxes the contractions and movements of those muscles to give a smoother and more youthful appearance. As a result of your muscles not making contractions, your frown lines will be gone. At the same time, you won’t have a “frozen look”, but instead will be able to express natural emotions.

Most patients will see results in their glabellar lines within 2-3 days of treatment. Dysport® filler injections may last up to 4 months

What Is Dysport® Used For?

Don’t let those frown lines make you upset! Dysport® filler injections are used as a wrinkle filler for your forehead. It primarily helps to temporarily eliminate* the dreaded glabellar lines also known as “eleven lines” between your eyebrows.

This FDA-approved dermal filler won’t give you the “frozen look”. Instead, Dysport® is designed to minimize the frown lines between your eyebrows and keep those natural expressions that you’ve grown to love.


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* Results are not guaranteed, may not be permanent, can vary per individual. There may be certain associated risks. Some images are of models, not actual patients. Schedule a personalized consultation with our licensed professionals to learn more. Products, such as syringes or vials advertised here are not sold separately and must be administered at our locations by our licensed professionals only.
What Is A Dysport® Injection Like?

What Is A Dysport® Injection Like?

If you’ve had any other previous dermal filler treatments before, Dysport® is a similar process. The treatment area is identified by our registered nurses and then the wrinkle filler is applied to your frown lines. Our experienced staff use techniques to help minimize any discomfort the patient may feel. One of the great benefits of Dysport® is the minimal downtime for patients. They are able to get back to their regular routine quickly, usually in about a day.

Who Should Use Dysport®?

Who Should Use Dysport®?

Have your frown lines been bothering you? Wishing you were able to turn back the clock for a smoother, wrinkle-free look? If you’re under 65, our Dysport® filler injections may be able to help you achieve the look you want. Please feel free to schedule a free consultation for our registered nurses to see if Dysport® is right for you.

Dysport® Injections Price List

Wondering about Dysport® costs? Take a look at our price list:

1 unit4.00

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*Because our medical professionals have the expertise to determine which treatment will be best for your specific needs based on your history, allergies, and preferences, we ask clients to schedule a free consultation.